Bow Basics with TWIGS


No Bow? No Problem. Let us help.


Stop by the week of October 16th through 20th between 11am and 4pm at the Woods Crossing location.  Choose from our excellent selection of holiday ribbons.  We make them while you wait!  Not a ribbon aficionado? No worries, we’ll have plenty for sale.


Here’s a sneak peek at our Bow Basics:


1.) Measure Twice, y’all. Cut ONCE. Estimate the length of your ribbon tails first, measure that, and then start with the first loop. Ribbon should be one continuous length.


2.) Curb Appeal (it’s not just for purchasing homes!): Keep the ribbon tails long enough to go behind the bottom of any wreath you have, with about half a foot (6″) to clear. More color will be added to your door and BAM – you’ve got curb appeal!


3.) Numbers Count: Odd or Even! An even number of loops will yield two tails pointed in opposite directions. Great for over the door, on a mantel, or down a table’s center. An odd number of loops will have tails pointing in the same direction. This is great for swags, banisters or wreaths where both tails hang the same way.


4.) Let’s Share: One for Me, One for You. When using multiple ribbons in ONE bow, alternate the ribbon as you are making the loops. Don’t lay them on top of each other or the ribbon will want to returned to its resting position. . . You’ll lose the dual-ribbon effect.


5.) Top That! When making a ribbon tree topper, think about: sheer ribbons (allow light through the ribbon); multiple ribbons (adds interest); multiple bows (gives a clustered and unique look).


Now – stop by and see us. Let us create so you can celebrate!