Mice On Main

New to Greenville or just passing through? Welcome! Mice on Main is a fun scavenger hunt that was brought to life by three Greenville locals – Jim Ryan, Zan Wells, and Linda Kelly.

Jim Ryan was inspired by the book Goodnight Moon that he read every night before bed as a child. For his senior project, he wanted to make a permanent ode to this childhood memory that others could enjoy as well. He received the green light from the mayor to create a family of nine mice scattered about Greenville’s Main Street.

That’s where Zan Wells comes in. Wells is a local Sculptor who has been creating clay models and casting bronze since 1985. She and Ryan teamed up to design and make the bronzed mice that would soon make Main Street their new home. They created an individual look and character for each mouse. The only thing missing was the story of the nine critters.

In 2007, Linda Kelly and her granddaughter spent the day finding all of the bronzed mice. They both agreed that there should be a book written about the Mice on Main. So, she did. Kelly reached out to Jim Ryan and Zan Wells to propose the story. Soon after, the book was published and ready for the city of Greenville. Now, proceeds from the book, games, and t-shirts are donated to a local Greenville charity.

After your hunt, stop into Twig’s Downtown location (640 South Main Street) to get your own bronzed Mice On Main souvenirs! We couldn’t help but add a Twigs touch to our display mice!