The Harvest Table, How to Create this Look

The Harvest Table, How to Create this Look


Create Your Very Own Harvest Table


Set the mood, and fall in love with your dining room table after you transform it into a Harvest Table. In this blog post, our designers at Twigs walk you through all you need to create this look in your very own dining room!


How to Create This Look



1. Choose a placemat.  Disposable ones are both stylish and make for easy clean-up!

2. Ribbon Runners are a fun and interesting way to add color!  Select a ribbon featuring fall colors.  We chose a plaid pattern for our Harvest Table, but we offer a selection of colors and textures in our home store.  Run the ribbon from one side of the table to the other side across the top of each placemat.  Do this on all sides of your table with place settings.  Secure the ribbon on the underside of the table with a thumbtack or tape.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Layer each place-setting with seasonal plates, a decorative or real harvest fruit or vegetable, and cover with a cloche.  Don’t forget your flatware and beverage glass!

8. Complete the setting with a personalized place card with names of guests or family members.



9.  Use an oversized basket and fill with faux or real harvest fruits and vegetables.  Place in the center as the primary centerpiece.

10. 11. 12. Along side and around the basket, intertwine vines of berries and harvest produce.  More is more!  Add a pheasant for texture and interest.

13.  Complete the look with Hurricane Candle holders and pumpkin scented candles.  With the pumpkin scent already on the table, no need to make pumpkin pie.


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Find all your Harvest Table decor at Twigs, and speak to a Twigs designer for more tips and ideas on how to decorate your home this fall!

The Harvest TableThe Harvest Table

The Harvest Table


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