Unusual Fall Palettes

Have you ever thought about doing a purple or blue color scheme for Fall? Autumn doesn’t have to be only shades of orange and brown. Let’s have some fun this year and get creative!

This lavender, gold and burlap scheme is the perfect transition to a fun new Fall look. You still get the warm and cozy tones with the gold and burlap, plus that gorgeous pop of purple! With neutral tableware, you will have your staples for years to come with room to switch up your accents for a fresh look every year.

This stunning slate blue and gray palette is unexpected and sophisticated. The cool tones have a calming and comforting effect. Paired with a some light music and candles, you are setting yourself up for some relaxing Fall dinners with friends and family. The blue and gray also offer the perfect transition into a “Blue Christmas” theme. Just switch out your pumpkin and pinecone out for some deep blue berries and snowflakes!

Think outside of the box this Holiday season! We are spending extra time indoors this year so let’s have some fun with our spaces.